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Seek Advice

A page like this one, with which we attempt to offer you support for your term papers in written form, is extremely limited from a didactic perspective. Therefore seek out contact with your instructors when you start out writing a paper of your own, not least to clarify each other’s expectations on the work.

Above and beyond this, there are many people at Bielefeld University to whom you can turn in confidence for advice on your projects. They can be found

  • at the Hausarbeitenberatung of the Sociology Department Student Representative Committee: external link
  • at the office of T. Strulik, who is responsible for the “Richtig einsteigen” (“Get off to a good start”) programme for the Faculty of Sociology: external link
  • in the Writing Centre of Bielefeld University: external link
  • at the Peer Learning section of the Centre for Teaching and Learning: external link
  • in seminars, tutorials and lectures on the seats right next to you.