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Organizing the Literature

Literature research is an essential component of academic work – and not mere “advance work” that students can leave up to instructors or the staff of the university library. Our guide presents considerations and recommendations on the question as to why it is important to be able to research the literature, how to get started searching for relevant literature, and which other search strategies are appropriate. PDF


Searching Online

Today we are in the fortunate situation that many publishers make their publications available online. For online searches, we recommend first logging in to the Bielefeld University network as a VPN client (if you are not already working on a university computer) and then using meta-search engines like Katalog.plus! or Google Scholar to identify relevant literature. If the University library has a license permitting the download of documents for scientific use, you will generally receive a direct link to the text here, allowing you to save a copy.


Managing the Texts You Find

Not only writing and researching have to be learned – so does managing texts! For ideally, you do not want your scanned and downloaded texts to disappear into intricately branched folder structures and thus into oblivion, but will want to access them for your subsequent work and research projects. Therefore it is a good idea to create a text database of your own as soon as possible. We recommend the Citavi source management software, which you can obtain free of charge from the Bielefeld University library website as long as you are registered as a student at Bielefeld University or the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences.

The Organizations working area also provides access to a sample database, which not only contains a few basic texts on organizational sociology, but also offers a first proposal for indexing and categorizing the literature you researched on your own. Ideally, start early by designing a database or two creatively according to your own needs, so that you can continue developing at least one, filling it with literature you’ve researched and keeping it up to date over the course of your studies. This way you will soon have your own pool of relevant texts through which you can use keywords or full-text searches to quickly access interesting sources. CTV4-Datei


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