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Teaching Profiles

The Research and Teaching Unit on Politics and Society is responsible for organizing and managing the courses offered in the ‘Political Science’ Bachelor’s programme and the ‘Political Communication’ Master’s programme. It offers courses in political science for students of all programmes at the Faculty of Sociology, most notably in the ‘ Social Sciences’ Bachelor’s programme, the ‘Sociology’ Master’s programme and the International track, as well as ‘(Transnational) Social Policy’ and ‘Political Sociology’, which are not exclusively concerned with issues of political science. In addition, the Research and Teaching Unit offers courses that are specifically designed for PhD candidates.

By promoting literary competences (LitKom), the Research and Teaching Unit participates in the university-wide “richtig einsteigen” project, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the joint federal–state programme for the improvement of quality in teaching.



Below you will find an overview of the courses offered by the professors of the work unit 4, "Politics and Society":

Mathias Albert

List of Courses

Oliver Flügel-Martinsen

List of Courses

Alexandra Kaasch

List of Courses

Detlef Sack

List of Courses

Holger Straßheim

List of Courses

Andreas Vasilache

List of Courses