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09.-11.03.2019 'World Society and its History' (Bielefeld University)
07.05.2019 'Symposium zum Abschied von Prof. Lutz Leisering, PhD'
(Bielefeld University)
24.-25.05.2019 'IO Discourses in Global Social Governance' (Bremen University)
05.-07.09.2019 'Entangled Comparisons. Grounding Research on Asia - Expanding Research Methodologies' (ZiF Bielefeld)
30.09.-02.10.2019 'Polar- und Meeresforschung' (Bielefeld University)
07-08.10.2019 'Views & constructions of global numbers. Workshop on the history & sociology of colonial & international statistics'
(Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin)
24.-25.10.2019 'Organising Competition & Contestation in World Politics'
(RTG (2225) "World Politics", Bielefeld)
21.-22.11.2019 'Envisioning the Global, Engendering Agency: Perspectives, Positions, Communities'
(RTG (2225) "World Politics", Bielefeld)
27.-28.11.2019 'Universities in Crisis or Crisis of the University?' (Bielefeld University)


01.-02.10.2018 'Imagining Belonging in World Politics: Concepts, practices, and struggles' (RTG (2225) "World Politics", Bielefeld)
09.-10.11.2018 'Balance & Competition in World Politics' (RTG (2225) "World Politics", Bielefeld)


29.01.2016 'Migrationen und Grenzprozesse. Politiken und Praktiken von Zugehörigkeit und Exklusion vom 19. bis ins 21. Jahrhundert'
(Bielefeld University): Conference programme


23.-24.01.2015 'Zur Kommunikation durch Zahlen. Vergleichsdynamiken der modernen Gesellschaft'
(Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology): Conference programme


24. - 26.10.2013 'Spaces of Violence in Democracies' (ZiF Bielefeld): Conference programme
11. -12.11.2013 'Quantifying the World Society. Knowledge technologies, governance, rights.' (ZiF Bielefeld)
Author's colloquium with Sally Engle Merry (New York University) Conference programme


Lecture Series: 'Signaturen der Weltgesellschaft':

Tuesday, 27.04.2021, 6.15 p. m. via Zoom:

Christina Morina (Bielefeld)

"The Invention of Marxism. How an idea conquered the world"

Tuesday, 15.06.2021, 6.15 p. m. via Zoom:

Hedwig Richter (München)

"The problem with 'equality' in the long 19th century. A narrative about democratization"

Tuesday, 29.06.2021, 6.15 p. m. via Zoom:

Lothar Brock & Hendrik Simon (Frankfurt a. M.)

"Constituting World Order through the Justification of War. From Early Modernity to the Present"