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Current Projects


A Theory on World Entities

Principal Investigators: PD Dr. Martin Koch and Prof. Dr. Alexander Kuteynikov



Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Detlef Sack


The Institutionalization of Rankings between 1850 and 1980

Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Tobias Werron and Dr. Leopold Ringel


Comparing Forces and the Forces of Comparison

Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Mathias Albert


Welfare for Migrant Factory Workers in China and Vietnam

Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Minh Nguyen


Shaping Asia

Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Christiane Brosius, Prof. Dr. Claudia Derichs, Prof. Dr. Joanna Pfaff-Czarnecka, Prof. Dr. Ursula Rao, Prof. Dr. Anja Senz and Prof. Dr. Manja Stephan-Emmrich


Research Training Group (2225) "World Politics: The emergence of political arenas and modes of observation in world society

Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Mathias Albert (Speaker), Prof. Dr. Ulrike Davy, Prof. Dr. Angelika Epple, Prof. Thomas Faist, PhD, Prof. Boris Holzer, PhD, Prof. Dr. Alexandra Kaasch, PD Dr. Martin Koch, Prof. Dr. George Lawson, Prof. Dr. Franz Mayer, Prof. Dr. Detlef Sack, Prof. Dr. Willibald Steinmetz, Prof. Dr. Andreas Vasilache, Prof. Dr. Tobias Werron

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