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The Methods Lab

Virtual Access to the Method Lab during the reduced basic mode

The Methods Lab offers ten virtual workspaces on two newly acquired and powerful multimedia PCs. These are accessible via the Bielefeld University VPN client (https://www.uni-bielefeld.de/einrichtungen/bits/services/netzzugang/vpn/) from your own browser at home. The PCs run the complete software assortment of the Methods Lab. As usual, contact terminplaner.methodenlabor.soz@uni-bielefeld.de to book a virtual workspace. Questions about the virtual workspaces can be sent to the supervising staff member at methodenlabor.soz@uni-bielefeld.de.


The Faculty of Sociology’s working group for qualitative methods, within the research and teaching unit for Methods of Empirical Social Research, offers researchers, instructors, as well as master’s students in the faculty the opportunity to make use of various programs and devices for their research projects. The Methods Lab consists of six reservable computer workstations equipped with headphones, foot pedals, and programs designed to assist the researcher with qualitative data preparation and analysis. The workstations are separated by dividers to make work with sensitive data possible.

We offer programs for all kinds of research-related tasks, such as transcription, audio and video editing, management of documents and memos, and analytic work with the data. Many different media types are supported, including audio, video, text, and image data. There is also software available for editing and anonymizing audio and visual data. Aside from equipment for qualitative research, the Methods Lab is also set up for data collection via telephone. You can find phones, headsets, and CATI software at each computer. The telephone set-up is managed by Dr. Robert Glowienka.

Reservation requests can be sent to terminplaner.methodenlabor.soz@uni-bielefeld.de. It is also possible to reserve multiple stations or the entire room (e.g. for teaching purposes). After making a reservation, keys to the Methods Lab can be picked up from the faculty’s IT staff in room X-D2-250. General questions about the Methods Lab or use of the programs can be sent to the supervising staff member at methodenlabor.soz@uni-bielefeld.de. The Methods Lab is only available to employees, students of the BGHS and those who work on their master thesis.