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Selected Publications

Kühne, Simon. 2018: From Strangers to Acquaintances? Interviewer Continuityand Socially Desirable Responses in Panel Surveys. Survey ResearchMethods 12(2): 121-146. DOI

Kröger, Hannes, Kroh, Martin, Kroll, Lars und Thomas Lampert. 2017. Einkommensunterschiede in der Mortalität in Deutschland: Ein empirischer Erklärungsversuch. Zeitschrift für Soziologie 46: 124-146.

Kühne, Simon und Martin Kroh. 2016. Personalized Feedback in Web Surveys. Does It Affect Respondents? Motivation and Data Quality? Social Science Computer Review: 1-12. DOI

Kroh, Martin, Winter, Florin und Jürgen Schupp. 2016. Panel Conditioning Reconsidered: Using Person-Fit Measures to Assess the Impact of Survey Experience on Reliability. Public Opinion Quarterly 80: 914-942.

Spieß, Martin und Martin Kroh. 2010. A Selection Model for Panel Data: The Prospects of Green Party Support. Political Analysis 18: 172-188.

Kroh, Martin. 2009. The Preadult Origins of Postmaterialism: A Longitudinal Sibling Study. European Journal of Political Research 48: 598-621.

Rieder, Yannick und Simon Kühne. 2018. Geospatial Analysis of Social Media Data: A Practical Framework and Applications Using Twitter. In: Stuetzer, C.M., Welker, M. und M. Egger (Hrsg.), Computational Social Science in the Age of Big Data. Concepts Methodologies, Tools, and Applications. Herbert von Halem Verlag, Köln.

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