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Call for Papers


Dear Students,

we are looking for you submissions for the next sozusagen issue in the winter semester 2019/2020. The title of the next issue is „The Next Generation“. Are you now thinking about Star Trek!? But there are next generations beyond Sci-Fi. As long as there is the desire for something to continue to exist, the next generation is of interest. Everyone talks about it: In everyday life, in various pedagogical sciences, reproduction and knowledge transfer, in the economy, everywhere! The next generation is also being discussed in politics and the media: what consequences does China‘s „one-child policy“ have? Is the „stay-at-home bonus“ a meaningful equivalent to the kindergarten?

The questions span a broad range of topics: Will young influencers on Youtube form a new professional group? What is the optimal level of supervision and care for children and adolescents? How do we meet the shortage of skilled workers? Does the increase of the Reich Citizens scene pose a danger to others? How are people who migrate to Germany included or excluded? Which mechanisms close or open up participation possibilities for the next generation or individual persons? And when a prize for junior scientists is offered at our faculty, then this is also about: ... ?!

How and to what extent does an existing group change through the next generation? What happens if the desired next generation is missing? Who needs a next generation and why? And where is the next generation not relevant? When does the next generation stop being the next generation?

We welcome any kind of submission, including scientific or journalistic essays, contributions from university groups, book reviews, poems, comics and cartoons. Anything else that you can think is also welcome. You can write in German as well as in English. Depending on the format you want to submit, the desired number of words varies. For example, we are looking for essays with about 15,000 characters (including spaces). Please submit your first draft by the 17th of June 2019.

If the main topic does not appeal to you or if you would like to submit a contribution to a (completely) different topic, we are also happy for you to do so!

You can find more information on our guidelines and citation rules here.
Send us your first draft via e-mail: sozusagen@uni-bielefeld.de. If you have any questions or ideas get in touch as well!

Best wishes
Your sozusagen Editorial Team

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New Section

Studying and Living

From the winter semester 2018/2019 issue onwards you can find the first articles in our new section “Studying and Living”. This section gives you the opportunity to share your stories. The aim is to show how versatile “studying and living“ in Bielefeld can be and which possibilities this encompasses.

That´s why we would like to hear some stories and reports about your everyday life experiences, especially funny, awkward, nice, intense, impressive, or typical ones. This format is intended to give you the opportunity to tell other students about you - if you believe that it is interesting, potentially allows others to identify with it, or because it simply points out problems that you think may deserve more attention. In certain cases it is also possible to publish your contribution anonymously.

Please submit your texts by the 17th of July 2019 to sozusagen@uni-bielefeld.de. It should be no longer than 1400 characters (including spaces).