Universität Bielefeld

Guidelines for Contributions

Please submit your contributions either as Open Office (odt) or Microsoft Word (docx or doc) file. Please do not submit contributions as PDF-files. If you send us photos, please send us these at the highest available resolution and if available as RAW-file. Please format your text-contributions in Times New Roman, with a type size of 12 pt, justified and with a spacing of 1.5.


Language use

All contributions should use non-discriminatory language that is gender inclusive. This means writing both female and male pronouns ("he" and "she" or a neutral pronoun such as "they").


Types of contributions

We accept a wide range of formats, for example:

  • Scientific Essay
  • Journalistic essay
  • Comics and cartoons
  • Poems
  • Commentary
  • Book review
  • Interviews
  • Research report


This list is not exclusive. Other types are welcome as well.

Scientific or journalistic Essays should not exceed a length of 15000 characters (including spaces and citation). Please avoid footnotes and format your citations in the ASA-Style.

If your contribution is not in accordance with these guidelines please contact us. We will then investigate the objections for your contribution individually.