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Editorial Department

You would like to join us?

...but you do not quite know what the editorial department of a sociological student magazine actually does? That´s no problem. Basically, we are a bunch of students from different fields of study, different age, and different number of semesters studied. Once a week we come together for our editorial department meeting. To get an impression of what we do and whether you would like to participate, just come around. We are looking forward to meeting you!


Editorial department meeting: Tuesdays | 4-6 p.m. (c.t.)

We organize in different fields of work (so called "Arbeitsbereiche", or "ABs") which you may join according to your personal interests. "ABs" therefore does not necessarily mean working more. It only structures the many things we do. So don´t freak out when you see all those "ABs". Ultimately the whole business is way more laid-back that it may seem at first glance. Most of us focus on working in two or three "ABs".


We work in these fields of work ("ABs"):


Here we keep track of the coins, file applications, and keep in touch with the student union.

Coordination and organization

This one is all about running things smoothly. Mails need to be answered or forwarded, rooms booked, deadlines planned (and, hopefully, met), To-Do lists drafted, and so on.
Word is, this is also how the appropriate weekly cookie supply is guaranteed.


Here the incoming essays, comments, interviews, photos, and stuff is made fit into a magazine. If you are creative and want to make all the black characters on white paper less boring, you are definitely welcome to join.


Above the level of making the barest amount of sense, a good text probably needs some periods and commas. This is what this "AB" does. We give feedback on firsts drafts and try to tell the authors how they might improve their (usually already very good) texts


There are many nice (and of course "useful") people hanging out in the university. The "AB" networking keeps in touch with these people. Together with the "AB" social media, it is responsible for external communication outside the editorial department.


According to your individual preferences, abilities, and strengths, you may choose freely from all these fields of work. Ultimately it will of course also depend how much of your valuable leisure time you want to sacrifice for the sozusagen.


Praise, critique, & comments

If you would like to praise or criticize, or just have a question on our work, feel free to contact us on Facebook or Twitter. You may also just write a mail to sozusagen@uni-bielefeld.de.



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