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Please the American Sociological Association (ASA) style for citing sources and referencing.

When there are two authors, name both authors. If there are three authors, name all three the first time you cite them. For all following citations use the first name and et al.

Multiple citations are separated with a semicolon. You can choose whether to sort the references by date or alphabetically as long as you are consistent.


In-Text Citation

In-Text Citation

Muster  Beispiel
One author (Author Year: page number) (Beck 2007: 55)
  Author (Year: page number) Beck (2007: 55)
Several authors (Author1 and Author2 Year) (Fitzenberger und Schulze 2013)
  (Author1, Author2 and Author3 Year), then (Author1 et al. Year) (Jones, Smith and Johnson 2017) , thereafter (Jones et al. 2017)
Multiple citations (Author1 Year; Author2 Year) (Beck 2007; Fitzenberger und Schulze 2013)


Reference list

In case of multiple authors the first author is written as "Surname, First name" whilst all following authors are written as "First name Surname". (See journal example).


Source Template Example
Book Surname, First name. Year. Title. City: Publisher. Beck, Ulrich. 2007. Generation Global. Ein Crashkurs. Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp.
Journal Surname, First name. Year. "Title". Name of Journal. Volume number (issue number): page numbers Fitzenberger, Bernd and Ute Schulze. 2013. "Up or out. Research incentives and career prospects of postdocs in Germany". In: German Economic Review. 15(2): 287-328.
Website Surname, First name. Year. "Title". City: Publisher. Retrieval date (URL) Bielefeld University. 2017. "14 zusätzliche Professuren für die Universität Bielefeld". Bielefeld: Bielefeld University. Letzter Zugriff September 27, 2017 (https://ekvv.uni-bielefeld.de/blog/uniaktuell/entry/14_zusätzliche_professuren_für_die).


More information on the ASA-Citation-Style: http://lib.trinity.edu/research/citing/ASA_Style_Citations_4.pdf