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Bologna Incoming

Incoming students from Bologna have to follow the Bielefeld study model, during their stay at Bielefeld University, which differs from the model in Bologna. In Bielefeld, the MA Sociology consists of eight modules, of which six can be chosen almost freely. These six modules are called thematic modules and students from Bologna have to study two of thematic modules while their stay in Bielefeld.
To receive the double degree at the end of studying in Bologna, students will have to choose a profile, for their degree from Bielefeld. One part of the profile will be the two modules studied in Bielefeld. The other four modules will be courses from Bologna counted as thematic modules from Bielefeld. One thematic module is always equivalent to two seminars in Bologna. The table below will help to find out which courses from Bologna meet the requirements for which modules from Bielefeld.


Thematic Module

A thematic module always consists of two seminars and one examination. The examination must be taken in (only) one of the seminars and will be the module grade.



A Profile is the combination of all six thematic modules, of the MA Sociology at Bielefeld University. There are four types of profiles: The profile with specialisation, the profile without specialisation, the general profile with specification and the general profile without specification.

The profile with specialisation consists of three thematic modules from the same thematic area, two modules from another thematic area and one module from a third thematic area.

The profile without specialisation consists also of three modules from the same thematic area, but the other tree modules must be from three different thematic areas.

The general profile with specification consists of one module from the thematic area of sociological theories, and one of the thematic area of sociological methods. Two more modules must be studied in another thematic area and two modules in two different thematic areas, which can’t be one of the previous ones.

The general profile without specification also consists of one module from the thematic area of sociological theories, and one of the thematic area of sociological methods. The other four modules must be from four different thematic areas.




Veranstaltungen & Deadlines

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PDF-DokumentEnglish Courses for exchange students - SoSe 2020

Alle Kurse für das kommende Sommersemester 2020 sind auch im eKVV online einsehbar! Englischsprachige Veranstaltungen finden Sie HIER.

All courses for the upcoming summer semester 2020 are also available online in the eKVV. You can find an overview of courses in English HERE.









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