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On this page you can find documents that will be helpful during your studies and prior and during an Erasmus+ exchange.

For Bielefeld students

Application Erasmus+
Applicationformular for Erasmus+.

Application Double Degree Bologna
Applicationformular for the Double Degree Bielefeld-Bologna.

Learning Agreement outgoings
For Erasmus+ students from Bielefeld, who are visiting a partneruniversity.

Instruction of the Learning Agreement
Instruction for comletion of your Learning Agreement.

Flyer Go East (in German)
Informationen on the studyexchange with St. Petersburg.

Partcost fundings Erasmus+
Overview on the Erasmus+ partcost fundings.

Fakt Sheet Haifa
For students who plan an erasmus+ exchange at University Haifa.

Fakt Sheet Tel Aviv
For students who plan an erasmus+ exchange at Tel Aviv University.

For Erasmus+ and international students

Learning Agreement incomings
For Erasmus+ stuents from our partneruniversitys. (Only of you don't get a formular from your home university!)

List of English courses
List of courses in englisch language at the Faculty of Sociology.

Flyer International Track
Information on the International Track at the Faculty of Sociology.

Seminar paper guide
Guide on how to prepare a seminar paper.

Information on Schoolarships for international students Bielefeld.

Regulations Regarding Master's Thesis
Information on writning a Master's Thesis at the Fakulty of Sociology.

Master's Thesis Registration
Registration formular for a Master's Thesis.

Application for Certificate of Master's Degree
Application to get your Master's Degree after all studies and examinations are completed and passed.


Veranstaltungen & Deadlines

Erasmus+ Sprechstunde/ Office hours:
Aktuell bieten wir keine Sprechstunde an. // At the moment we are not offering office hours.


PDF-DokumentCourses taught in English - SoSe 2020

Alle Kurse für das kommende Sommersemester 2020 sind auch im eKVV online einsehbar! Englischsprachige Veranstaltungen finden Sie HIER.

All courses for the upcoming summer semester 2020 are also available online in the eKVV. You can find an overview of courses in English  HERE.









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