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Altinbas Üniversitesi - Altinbas University

Erasmus+ coordinator:  Natalya Kashkovskaya


Study cycle:Bachelor

Language of instruction: English. The minimum desirable level of English proficiency is B2 following the Common European Frame of Reference (CEFR).

Erasmus+ partner: İktisadi, İdari ve Sosyal Bilimler Fakültesi  (School of Economics,  Administrative and Social Sciences)


General information: Istanbul is a dynamic metropolis with a population of about twelve million. It is the economic, financial, artistic, cultural, and educational center of Turkey. Altinbas University was founded in 2008 by the Mehmet Altinbaş Education and Culture Foundation. This young university has welcomed students since 2011/12 and has grown quickly, having already established nine schools with a total of 29 programmes. The University adheres to international educational standards and bases its educational principles on innovative, dynamic, and research-oriented teaching with the goal of turning out open-minded, highly qualified experts who will be able to make valuable contributions to civil society.

Course offerings: Our Erasmus+ Partner in Istanbul, the İktisadi, İdari ve Sosyal Bilimler Fakültesi, offers the following course programme:

NOTE: The listed study programs shall provide you an overview and thematic orientation of our partner. They are not binding so that contents of your study during the exchange may differ from the given information, but they may help you to get a first impression of the partner. It is highly recommended to obtain more detailed information on the Website of the corresponding partner insititution.

A list of the courses and detailed descriptions of each study programme are available on the Faculty website. The Erasmus+ cooperation agreement mainly concentrates on the area of international relations. The main objective of the BA International Relations is to educate future national and international leaders to have a strong intellectual, academic background in order to contribute to the social development of their environment and act responsibly. Courses are especially concerned with political processes and governmental leadership, international systems, actors and their relations, as well as social and institutional connections on a global scale, economic organizations and international communication from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Study terms: The winter semester usually starts in late September, and the summer semester usually starts in early February.

Other information:Altinbas University provides a variety of support services to its exchange students. Additional information for incoming students is available on the University website. There are about 40 student clubs covering diverse subjects such as sport, culture and policy, as well as numerous activities on the campus including sports areas and a centre for medical and psychological counseling. Exchange students may search for private rooms or student rooms offered by the University.  The University supports students by offering Turkish language courses and welcome days. Further information for Erasmus+ students is available on the International Office website.

Events & Deadlines

Erasmus+ Sprechstunde/ Office hours:
Aktuell bieten wir eine online Sprechstunde an. Bitte kontaktiert uns zum Termin vereinbaren per Mail an erasmus.soc@uni-bielefeld.de

// At the moment we are offering online office hours. Please contact us to make an appointment by mail to erasmus.soc@uni-bielefeld.de


PDF-DokumentCourses taught in English - SoSe 2021

PDF-DokumentCourses taught in English (Int. Track) - SoSe 2021

Alle Kurse für das kommende Semester sind auch im eKVV online einsehbar! Englischsprachige Veranstaltungen finden Sie HIER.

All courses for the upcoming semester are also available online in the eKVV. You can find an overview of courses in English  HERE.









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