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Ludwig Vogel


Ludwig Vogel

Sensorimotor Lab

About us

The overarching goal of research in the Sensorimotor Lab is to investigate cognitive and perceptual mechanisms that enable, enhance and constrain skilled human behavior. Thereby, the focus is on understanding the general principles of motor control and motor learning. Furthermore, eye-tracking and biofeedback experiments are carried out to investigate the influence of movement expertise on visual perception during the observation and/or interaction with objects and ongoing events in the environment.

Research Topics

  • Human Perception and Sensomotorics
  • Augmented Reality
  • Principals of motor control (end-state comfort/motor hysteresis)
  • Neurophysiological processes

Theses Projects: We continually offer interesting topics and helpful supervision for students writing their theses (Bachelor, Master or Diploma). Please contact us, if you are interested in writing your thesis in one of the topics mentioned above.


  • Biofeedback system (MindMedia, Nexus 10)
  • Head-mounted Display (Cybermind Visette, 45ST SXGA 3D)
  • Wireless data glove (CyberGlove, 100 Hz)
  • Mobile Eye-Tracking-System (iView X HED, 200 Hz)
  • Highspeed camera (Basler Technologies, 200 Hz)
  • Software (Nexus Biotrace, iView, CyberGlove, Presentations, Split)