Objects Representation, from Cognition
to Action

2014/10/01 - 2017/09/30 80.000 Euro

The objective of this project is to gain insights in the link between cognitive representation of objects and manual actions, and the transfer of these insights to artificial platforms. There is a direct connection between the representation of objects and how humans interact with them. Conceptual factors of the objects influence the way humans structure their cognitive representation and how they interact with them, also manual-haptic interactions with certain object features might change the cognitive representation. I am interested in both phenomena to establish the changes that are made in the representation and its impact on the manipulation of objects.

In this project we ask how objects are represented for grasping, how this representation evolves over time and how it is affected by context. Furthermore, I'm particularly interested in transferring these insights to artificial platforms: how can we enable artificial systems such as robotic hands, to perform grasping type movements as humans do. This work addresses questions in cognitive science but has implications for machine vision and robotics as well as in brain-computer interfaces.

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