Project Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Helge Ritter

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. P. Cimiano
Prof. Dr. Marc Ernst
Prof. Dr. F. Eyssel
Dr. Thomas Hermann
Prof. Dr. Helge Ritter
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rückert
Prof. Dr. Thomas Schack
Prof. Dr. Sven Wachsmuth
Prof. Dr. Petra Wagner
Prof. Dr. Britta Wrede

Thematic Network Interactive Intelligent

2015 - 2018 681.465 Euro

Thematic Network Interactive Intelligent Systems (funding period 2015?2018) is made up of six highly respected partner institutions from around the globe. The overarching goal of this Thematic Network is to establish permanent international research cooperation at the educational and scientific levels, with a focus on providing young academics with an interdisciplinary research-oriented program of study, which will help prepare top talent for employment in high-tech and technology related fields.

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