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Dr. Marietta Sionti

Bielefeld University
Department of Sport Science
Neurocognition and Action - Biomechanics
PF 100131
33501 Bielefeld

Room: CITEC 1.412
Phone: 0521/106-5128

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Research Topics and Teaching

  • Event segmentation and sensorimotor interlingua
  • Cognitive mechanism of learning and recognizing motion events and verbs
  • Individual's criteria of each word's selection
  • Lexicalization pattern of path and manner languages E
  • Embodied Construction Grammar (Feldman et al., 2009)
  • Multilanguage and multimodality
  • Collaborative learning for reasoning (transactivity and accountable talk)

Curriculum Vitæ

since 2015 Postdoctoral Researcher ? Excellence Cluster Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) and Neurocognition and Action Group, Bielefeld University
2016 PhD in Computational Linguistics, University of Athens (summa cum laude)
2015/06 Visiting researcher ICSI-Berkeley University
2008-2010 Visiting researcher LTI and LearnLab-Carnegie Mellon University and Computer vision Lab-University of Maryland
2007 M.Sc. in Language Technology, Technical University of Athens & University of Athens (summa cum laude)
2007 B.Ed. in Pedagogy, University of Athens (magna cum laude)
2006-2008 Consultant on Greek computational linguistics, Microsoft Corporation
2005-2007 Coordination, evaluation and supervision of European and National research programs, Hellenic General Secretariat for R&D
2003-2007 Research assistant, Section of Linguistics, University of Athens
2002 B.A in Philology and Linguistics, University of Athens (magna cum laude)

Scientific Awards and Honours

  • 3-year Scholarship for PhD in Language Technology and Intelligent Systems. Hellenic Foundation for Scholarships (I.K.Y.) (exams-awarded to 1 scholar)
  • ESLP 2010 award for poster presentation