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Semester Ticket – your ticket for Bielefeld and the region

Your student ID (Studierendenausweis) acts as your ticket for public transport in and around Bielefeld as well as for regional transport throughout North Rhine-Westphalia.

You will receive two tickets : Uni-card as OWL - Semesterticket at the information point and NRW - Semesterticket must you print yourself on the Ticket-portal.

The semester ticket is personal and not transferable. When you use it, you must take a photo ID along to prove your identity in case of a ticket inspection.

To summarize: for a valid and full usable ticket, you must carry

Which transports, and where?

Geltungsgebiet Geltungsgebiet

Trams and buses: The ticket includes the buses and the tram/subway (“Stadtbahn”) in the “Sechser” area (the blue area on the map).

Trains: Included are all regional trains by DB (Deutsche Bahn), NordWestBahn, Eurobahn and WestfalenBahn within the lines or line sections shown in black on the map. (WestfalenBahn have taken over operations on two of these lines on 9 Dec 2007 and aren’t shown on the map, but the semester ticket remains valid as before.) On railway timetables, regional DB trains are identified as RE (RegionalExpress), RB (RegionalBahn) and S-Bahn. Eurobahn trains are shown as ERB on timetables (eb on the map), NordWestBahn trains as NWB, and WestfalenBahn trains as WFB. You can only use the 2nd class on these trains.

Some municipalities bordering the “Sechser” area have been designated as “transition zones” (Übergangsbereiche, shown in light grey in the map). Here, you can travel on some bus lines that connect these places to the „Sechser“ area.

The semester ticket gives you unlimited travel between the dates printed on the semester tag at the back of your student ID.

North Rhine-Westphalia ticket(NRW-Ticket): From the beginning of the winter semester 2008/09 students from Bielefeld University can use the Semesterticket to travel throughout North Rhine-Westphalia. This means that, within NRW, you may use the regional trains RE (RegionalExpress) and RB (RegionalBahn) of the DB (Deutsche Bahn), the NWB (NordWestBahn) and the eurobahn as well as the tram/subway (all 2nd class carriage only). Another thing you should know: For special types of business (e.g. taxis, airport bus lines, disco- and night buses etc.) there are different local regulations and it depends on the type of business if you have to pay extra or not.

Not included are:

The Night Bus

When you’re out all night and the last Stadtbahn is gone, you might find your way back home on the night bus (Nachtbus). Not every night though: it runs on Fridays and Saturdays and on the nights before public holidays from about 1 to 4 a.m. All lines start at Jahnplatz (in the city center) at 5 minutes past the hour, go on a round-trip and then return to Jahnplatz just in time to meet the other lines on the next hour. The N1 serves the university, and the other lines go almost everywhere in Bielefeld.

Night buses require special tickets, but the semester ticket is recognised.

There is a page on the moBiel website showing the night bus routes and timetables (click on a line or choose from the drop-down menu on top of the diagram). Night buses are also included in the timetable search facilities on the transport companies’ websites (links at the end of this page).

After the night buses have completed their last round at 5, there is an “early bus service” on a reduced version of the night bus network until the regular trams and buses take over around 7 (Saturday mornings) or 9 (Sundays and public holidays) in the morning. The “early service” looks much the night bus service but uses normal tickets, including the semester ticket. The moBiel website also shows the early bus network with timetables.

Forgot your semester ticket?

Until you get it back, you must buy regular tickets.

If you are caught without a ticket, you will be given the regular fine of 40 €. But you can reduce this to 7 € later if you find your semester ticket (or, indeed, any personal season ticket), and then show it within 14 days at the offices of the transport company that is looking for your 40 €.

Lost your semester ticket?

Get a new plastic card at the Zentrale Leihstelle (the university library’s “central lending office”, U1) and then a new Semestermarke (semester tag) at the Studierendensekretariat (the university’s student administration) in C0 or Infopunkt. You have to pay 15 € (current price as of summer 2015) and bring your ID and a Semesterbescheinigung (proof of matriculation).

Again, you will need to buy regular tickets until you have your new semester ticket.

Need more help?

If you have questions about the semester ticket, contact us, the student group for transport (Verkehrsgruppe), which is part of the students’ union (AStA).

Useful links

On both these websites you can search connections including trains and local transports all over Germany. You can even enter addresses instead of station names as start and destination points, but you need to tell the forms through drop-down menus which option you want to use. Where it’s difficult to choose the right station from an address, the address search might return less than ideal results – but with the results you get estimated walking times and you can click through to instructions and maps for walking between those addresses and the next transport stop on the journey. The search also covers several other European countries (no address search there) and includes an English search form (as well as French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch).