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Are you an international degree-seeking student with questions about financing your studies, about finding part-time jobs or about the extension of your residence permit? Do you need information about scholarships, finding accommodations or the registering for courses and exams during your studies? Do you want to meet other students and attend exciting events and excursions? The International Student Services Centre (ISSC) is your first stop. We are here to advise you in all questions concerning studying and living in Bielefeld and support you in overcoming the many challenges that come with studying in a foreign country. Your Academic success is important to us.

Our Services

Orientation and Information

Beginning a degree-program in Germany is connected with lots of challenges for international students. Each semester the ISSC organizes Orientation Days for all incoming international degree-seeking students, where participants have the chance to meet other students, receive important information about the university and the city and attend information seminars on financing and the legal aspects of residency during studies. 

We highly recommend to all new international students that they take part in the Orientation Days in order to familiarise themselves with the university system and facilitate a good start to their studies. International students who miss the Orientation Days due to late arrival in Bielefeld can come see us at the ISSC Welcome Desk and register for an individual orientation in which they will receive important information on getting settled and preparing for beginning studies.

Mentoring for International Students

An important part of orientation is provided by the International Mentoring Programm (IMP). International Students can register for a mentor, who will provide them with immediate support upon their arrival in Bielefeld and during the first semester, giving them a trained contact partner for questions related to studies, the university, student life and the city as well as support with administrative processes, etc. Mentees have the possibility to attend an intercultural competencies workshop as well as the various social events organized throughout semester.

Advisory Services

The ISSC advises International students in the areas of financing and grant possibilities, residency issues and other administrative processes, Orientation during studies, job searches and general daily matters at the university and in the city. As the main point of contact for international degree-seeking students, the ISSC is well networked with other central advisory and service organisations at the university as well as with several associations outside of the university and uses these networks actively when advising international students.

Financing and Residency 

residency issues, financing of studies, scholarships and financial emergency relief, looking for part-time jobs and other special guidance

Advisory Hours

Mon. 10.00 – 11.00 a.m. and Thurs. 12:30 – 13:30 p.m. in room UHG D0-​124


Guidance for Students with Refugee Backgrounds

residence matters and Federal Student Aid Programme BAfÖG

Advisory Hours

Thurs. 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. in room UHG D0-​124


Studies and Leisure Time

How to register for courses and exams, semester course plan, leisure and cultural activities, general advice and guidance

Advisory Hours

Mon., Tue. und Thurs. 11:00 a.m. – 13:00 p.m.; Wed. 10 – 12 a.m. in room UHG D0-​138


* Students do not need an appointment to come during advisory hours. Appointments outside of advisory hours can be made via betreuung-io@uni-bielefeld.de.

Financial Aid and Awards

The ISSC awards administrates a diverse line of grants and prizes for international students

Students who are in the last phase of their studies can apply for Financial Aid for Degree Completion: Graduate with Success! The grants are funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with the purpose of easing financial strains on students in order that they can prepare successfully for their final exams (application deadlines are Jan. 15 for the Summer Semester and July 15 for the Winter Semester. All application forms can be downloaded hier).

The ISSC also administrates numerous prizes for international students with excellent academic records and social engagement such as the annual DAAD-Prize, which is endowed with 1,000 €.

The Universitätsgesellschaft Bielefeld awards grants to new international master students who are studying in an English language degree track in the 1st or 2nd semester and have excellent academic achievements. The UGBi-Grants are endowed with 4,000 € and are announced each spring. Call for applications

International students caught in a financial emergency which they themselves have not caused have the possibility of applying with the ISSC for an emergency financial aid in order that their academic success does not become jeopardized. 

Info-seminars and Workshops

Each semester the ISSC organizes diverse info-seminars and workshops for international degree-seeking students on the legal aspects of student residency, financing studies and applying for grants, how to find a part-time job and orientation during studies.

The current programme can be viewed here

Connect and Discover (Leisure and Cultural Programme)

Das ISSC veranstaltet jedes Semester mit Betreuungsmitteln des DAAD STIBET-Programms und einer Spende vom Verein zur Förderung von internationalen Studierenden in Bielefeld (ViSiB) ein Freizeitprogramm für internationalen degree-seeking und ERASMUS Studierende. Dieses hat das Ziel, durch lokale und regionale Exkursionen, Museumsbesuche, Führungen, Wanderungen und andere Outdoor-Aktivitäten die Integration der internationalen Studierenden in ihr soziales Umfeld zu fördern.

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ISSC-Newsletter: Studying Successfully in the International Community at Bielefeld University

Der ISSC-Newsletter „Erfolgreich Studieren in der internationalen Community der Universität Bielefeld“ richtet sich sowohl an internationale degree-seeking Studierende als auch an unsere Partner_innen in den zentralen Einrichtungen und Fakultäten, die internationale Studierende unterrichten und unterstützen. Der Newsletter informiert über das aktuelle ISSC-Programm und Service Angebot sowie über aktuelle Veranstaltungen und Möglichkeiten für internationale Studierende.