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Helping you to adjust

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International Student Services Centre

International Student Services Centre


In Bielefeld, I met people from all over the world and found a second multicultural family.

Michelle from Mexico, English Studies

There are numerous institutions at Bielefeld University that support international students on their way to a successful degree. There are offers for study financing, psychosocial challenges, improving language skills, study organisation, academic work, networking with other students, residence law and much more.

ISSC Counselling

The International Student Services Centre (ISSC) has been specially established for international students who are doing their Bachelor's or Master's degree at Bielefeld University. The ISSC team can be reached by e-mail via or during office hours online and in person as well as by appointment.

Current ISSC Office Hours

International students can contact our Service Desk at the infopunkt (Main University Building) from Monday to Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m..

Additionally, we offer online office hours for international (degree-seeking) students via Zoom on Mondays from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. Please click here to access the Zoom room.


The ISSC also organises excursions, game nights, museum and theatre visits, where you can get to know the city of Bielefeld, Germany and other students. In addition, there are regular workshops on topics such as residence law or student financing. Here you can find all events in the current semester.

We're looking forward to meeting you!

the three issc advisors in front of the main building of the university
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Information and Advisory Services

  • IMP

    You would like to learn something about studying in Bielefeld from other students? The International Mentoring Programme (IMP) makes it easier for international students in their first semester to get to know the university and their new living environment in Bielefeld by providing them mentors from all subjects.

  • PunktUm

    The German Language Centre PunktUm is the right place to go if you want to improve your German language skills. PunktUm offers international students and employees language courses from A1-C1 during the semester. However, you can already attend an intensive language course free of charge directly before the 1st semester.

    In addition, international students studying in German can receive advice on writing seminar papers as well as attend various workshops and courses on study organization, presenting, or academic writing.

  • Ellipsis

    You are studying in English or you have to submit an English paper? The Ellipsis Writing Center supports students and employees of Bielefeld University in academic writing in English as a foreign language. There you will receive advice and materials for writing as well as feedback on your texts.

  • Subject-related Advisory Service

    For specific subject-related questions, e.g. which seminars and lectures you should take in which semester, there are advisory services at the faculties. Please contact the Student Counselling Service, the Academic Advisor or the departmental student representative committee of your faculty with questions regarding your study course. There you will also get information about the orientation offers for the start of the semester of your degree programme for students in their first semester.

  • Studierendensekretariat

    The Studierendensekretariat [Student Office] will help you with all matters related to the application, enrollment, re-registration and exmatriculation. There is a special department for international students. The Information Point in the University Hall in the Main University Building is also part of the Studierendensekretariat [Student Office]. There you will receive quick answers, especially regarding your Unicard.

  • ISR

    The International Student Council (ISR) is the student representation of all international students at Bielefeld University. The ISR advocates for the interests of international students in university politics. You can contact the ISR if you have any questions or ideas about the situation of international students at the university. In addition, the ISR organises a leisure programme in which international students can network and discover the local area together.

  • ZSB

    The Student Advising and Counselling (ZSB) is the central advising center for all students and prospective students at Bielefeld University. The ZSB offers information and advice for prospective students who are not sure about which degree programme to choose at the university or how to organize their studies.

    The ZSB also provides support for all questions during studying, such as study organization or a possible change of subject. In addition, the ZSB offers psychosocial counseling for personal challenges during studies, e.g. contact problems, concentration and work disorders, exam anxiety and self-doubt. Don't hesitate to get help from the ZSB if you are facing challenges in your studies.

  • AStA

    The AStA [Student Union] represents all students at Bielefeld University. International students can also approach to the AStA's counseling services with their questions and problems. The counseling services cover many topics, e.g. labor and social law, right of residence, BAföG.

    In addition, the AStA also provides social loans if students are in financial difficulties. You can find the AStA in the Main University Building on Level 1 (Room C 1 -154).

  • Career Service

    The Career Service offers an extensive range of workshops and advice on preparing for the world of work. You can get helpful information about the transition to professional life at the Career Service, for example, about job applications and job interviews. In addition, Career Service offers the opportunity to network with potential job candidates through regular meetings and through the Career Service job posting portal.

  • University team of the Employment Agency

    The Federal Employment Agency of Germany has a university team that offers career counseling for students and graduates at the university. There is also a job agency for part-time jobs. In the University Hall in the Main University Building, near the swimming pool, you will find a glass box where the University Team points out Job Opportunities.

  • ESG

    The Evangelische Studierendengemeinde (ESG) is a network of mainly Protestant students who work, eat, worship, party, and go to weekend events together.

    Every two weeks, the ESG hosts an international evening where international students of all faiths are welcome. In addition, ESG offers social counseling for students in financial need, regardless of their denomination, and provides scholarships and emergency assistance.

  • KHG

    The Katholische Hochschulgemeinde (KHG) sees itself as an association of Christian-motivated students who meet in various working groups and organize social projects. In addition, the KHG awards scholarships and emergency aid to international students, regardless of their faith.

  • ZAB

    Do you have a disability or a chronic illness? Then the Accessibility Services (ZAB) is an important point of contact for you. There you can get information about Accessibility and active participation of people with disabilities or chronic illnesses at Bielefeld University, for example, about a disadvantage compensation or about peer mentoring especially for people with disabilities, chronic or mental illness.

  • Family Service

    Bielefeld University has been awarded with the title of family-friendly university. Are you a parent or do you have other family obligations? Then find out about support offers at the Family Service.

  • Peer Learning

    At Peer Learning, student tutors offer advice and workshops on many challenges in studying, e.g. on topics such as time management and group work. In addition, Peer Learning offers a learning partner forum.

  • BISN

    You want to connect with both international and local students? Then Bielefeld International Student Network (BISN) is what you are looking for!

    They are a non-profit student organization offering events and trips for international students in Bielefeld.

    Are you interested? Follow them on social media so you won’t miss out on their events!

    Instagram: @bisn.official

  • University Groups

    In addition to the counseling centers, there are many university groups at Bielefeld University for different interests. In university groups you will get to know other students and you can participate in the work of the groups.

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