• Re-enrolment

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Bank data for re-enrolment for the winter semester 2019/2020

Bank Data Enrolment Fee
Name: Universitaet Bielefeld
IBAN:  DE24 3005 0000 0000 0614 32
Bank: Ld Bk Hess-Thür Gz, Dus
Verwendungszweck [reason for payment]:
304,90 Euro

If you can't check your individual payment data on our Online-Portal, please use the bank data given above. Please pay attention to the following:

It is essential that you do not alter the reason for payment (20191Matrikelnummer). You must NOT add any additional information (such as ‘Number’, ‘Verwendungszweck’, or ‘Name’). It is also important to give the personal registration number [Matrikelnummer] – particularly when payment is being made by a third party (e. g., parent).
If the correct reason for payment [Verwendungszweck] is either changed or not entered, payment may well not be recognized, thereby preventing a re-enrolment for the summer semester 2019. 

If you are an occasional student [Gasthörer] you will also visit the Online-Portal  and have to pay 100 Euro (extra rules apply to special occasional students [Besondere Gasthörer "] - hier gelten gesonderte Regelungen).

Cross-registered students [Kleine Zweithörer] also have to pay 100 Euro. For more information, go to here.