Computer Graphics and Geometry Processing Group

The Computer Graphics & Geometry Processing group at the Faculty of Technology is headed by Prof. Dr. Mario Botsch and is part of the Cluster of Excellence in Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC).

Our first field of research is Computer Graphics, where we develop solutions for the real-time visualization and animation of complex 3D scenes and models. To this end, we exploit hardware parallelism for multi-core CPUs, many-core GPUs, and also parallelize over multiple GPUs. We employ our rendering engines in virtual reality applications, where an efficient low-latency rendering and character animation is mandatory for achieving a high degree of immersion.

Our second research topic is Geometry Processing, which lies in the intersection of computer science, applied maths and physics. Here, we develop novel methods for 3D-scanning and model reconstruction, e.g. to generate high quality avatars for virtual reality applications. We work intensively on deformable geometric models, and use this fundamental concept in various application scenarios: interactive shape modeling for designers, physics-based simulation of elastic models and shells, virtual character animation, and real-time capturing of human motions. As a crucial component for increasing robustness and plausibility of the involved geometric deformations, we incorporate prior knowledge in the form of statistical models of shape, motion, and deformation behavior and use those to regularize the deformation processes.

In teaching we offer courses on Computer Graphics and Scientific Computing on the Bachelor level, as well as Geometry Processing and Computer Animation on the Master level.