Bioinformatics and Genome Research (M. Sc.)

This curriculum assumes a basic background both in algorithmics and in molecular biology. It covers the generation and interpretation of voluminous data from state-of-the-art techniques in genome and post-genome research. Students will attend wet lab courses, theory and programming courses, and will be supported in formulating and persuing their own research projects. The curriculum is composed from modules which provide significant freedom of choice, allowing students to develop an individual profile more on the computer science side or on the wet-lab side of bioinformatics.

Module Structure  (Matriculation from Winter Semester 2016/2017)

Module Structure Bioinformatics and Genome Research


After finishing the degree program, students will be ready to work in the life sciences, wherever bioinformatics methods are used or developed. Besides, the qualifications acquired in informatics are comprehensive enough to have the best opportunities in the regular job market for computer scientists. Owing to the life-science component, you will look beyond the horizon of informatics as a purely technical discipline, even while studies are still in progress, and such an application focus is generally well appreciated in by industrial employers.


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