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  • BRiDGE Projects

    Bridge for Researchers in Danger Going to Europe

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BRiDGE - Bridge for Researchers in Danger Going to Europe

About the Project

© Universität Bielefeld

BRiDGE is a project funded under the Horizon 2020 call SwafS-26-2017: Science4Refugees-Support to highly skilled refugee scientists. BRiDGE is a two year project that started on April 1st, 2018

From South East Europe to its heart BRiDGE gives an all-in-one solution for the localized guidance of refugee researchers (RRs) in the European Research Area (ERA) and enables the 40 EURAXESS country members in the ERA to identify and utilize the potential of RRs across Europe.

BRiDGE for refugee researchers at a glance     
Support of 220 RRs focus on early and late stage post doc researchers and professors of all ages, especially those displaced in Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey. Priority will be given further to researchers with an asylum related status. The measures are nevertheless open also to researchers without asylum, such as threatened scholars, if capacity is given.     
The case-to-case support focuses on career development advisory services, training, and academic and non-academic mentoring for the RRs.     
Instructive and motivating materials to academic and non-academic mentors.     
Trainings for academic and non-academic mentors and refugee researchers.     
Promotion of best practices in the EURAXESS network through trainings and activities, and forms a network and European Directory of Services for Researchers in Danger visible on the EURAXESS Science4Refugees site.     

Procedures and criteria to identify and recruit participants

  • All asylum granted researchers in Europe and Horizon2020 eligible countries are eligible to participate in the project, and profit especially from the matching with academic and non-academic mentors, the trainings, the career development measures and the networks.
  • All other researchers who are involuntary immigrants with a refugee background or researchers at risk, which refers to researchers who are either at risk in their origin countries (due to discrimination, persecution, suffering or violence), or are seeking refuge out of these reasons or have recently found refuge in Europe are eligible too, if project capacity is given.
  • All career stages (R1-R4) of refugee researchers are eligible, priority though will be given to R3-R4 refugee researchers.
  • For the recruitment and identification of participants the beneficiaries use their established network in the refugee researchers' community of their countries and collaborate in a wide network of experts and NGOs, recruiting refugee researchers in network events, through mouth-to-mouth propaganda, excellent and committed academic mentors, Science4Refugees, newsletters, mailing-lists, social media.

Impact of BRiDGE

  • The project facilitates the efforts of the European Union to help RRs settle into their host country of residence and prepare RR for the highly competitive and highly skilled EU job market.
  • The project outcomes will contribute to increasing RRs employability and making use of the EURAXESS Portal, more specifically the Buddy System and Science4Refugees Initiative. The knowledge and experience to be gained, the methodologies to be developed will enable the future integration of RRs in the European Societies.

BRiDGE Work Plan

BRiDGE is structured in 5 interrelated work packages (WP):

  • WP1 Ethics and Data Protection focused on Ethics and data protection in line with national and European rules and laws on data protection.
  • WP2 Project Management and Team Coordination devoted to the coordination, monitoring and reporting on the projects progress.
  • WP3 Advice and Mentoring, which is the base for the implementation of other WPs, will analyze and map existing services and legal conditions and then, offering academic and non-academic mentoring to involve 220 RRs and expand the network services for RRs.
  • WP4 Courses and Materials, which aims at preparing and conducting of two (2) pilot courses and supporting materials for RRs, one (1) pilot Train the Trainer course for their academic and one (1) for non-academic mentors.
  • WP5 Dissemination and Outreach with the scope to establish a comprehensive, consistent and sustainable dissemination strategy for the project which will enhance the impact of the co-generated project activities for all target audiences, especially for RRs and EURAXESS members.


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