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Thank you very much for your numerous participation in the Kick off Meeting for We CAN VirtuOWL on 02/22/21!

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Within the "We CAN VirtuOWL" project, new digital, collaborative teaching and learning formats are being developed. What are the benefits of holding an international collaborative teaching course? How does this work? This video provides an overview of the most important aspects.

The Alberta-OWL network project "We CAN virtu-OWL" was selected to receive funding by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The funding is provided through the "International Virtual Academic Collaboration (IVAC)" program that was initiated by the DAAD and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). It promotes virtual exchange and digital teaching and learning opportunities for international university partnerships until September 2021.

Within the framework of the “We CAN virtu-OWL” project, new digital, collaborative teaching and learning formats are being developed. In addition to deepening the transatlantic network activities, the new digital formats open up new possibilities for intercultural exchange and enable all students to gain valuable international experience – regardless if they can travel abroad or not.  Also, virtual exchange helps improve the environmental impact of international mobility by reducing air travel.

In addition to the planning and implementation of Canadian-German collaborative online courses, the project will offer professional development, training and information events, as well as technical solutions for accessible international teaching and learning formats. Counselling and language support services for students will be provided, and professors will be supported to develop in joint research projects.

Thus, the project offers students and teachers the opportunity to gain international experience and to develop and test digital collaboration formats across universities. “We CAN virtu-OWL” is a collaborative project of the German-Canadian university network Alberta-OWL and is supported by the Campus OWL Liaison Office in New York.

How can you get involved?: If you are interested in offering a collaborative Canadian-German seminar at your institution, please contact