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International Conference
on Challenges in Managing Smart Products and Services



In the following hotels, we have reserved a contingent of rooms to special conference rates. The amount of these rooms is limited. We recommend an early booking. To book rooms from this contingent you need a specific booking code, which you will receive after registration for the conference in the confirmation e-mail. Additionally, we will send the booking code to all presenting authors in the notification e-mail.

Hotel Bielefelder Hof Bielefeld

The Bielefelder Hof is located close to the main train. It takes approx. two minutes to get to the city railway. The price for this Hotel is maximum 95 € per night for a double room and 89 € per night for a single room. (The room fee will decline to 86 € per night for a double room and 80 € per night for a single room, if at least ten conference participants book a room in this hotel.). Breakfast is inclusive.

This Hotel has to be booked until 19.06.2019.


Acardia Hotel Bielefeld

The Acardia Hotel Bielefeld is located in the older part of the town which is very beautiful. From here it takes 14 minutes by foot to reach the main train station. The main train station may also easily accessed with the city train. To the conference location it takes 12 minutes by city train number 4. For the Acardia Hotel the price is 92.80 € per night for a double room and 79.90 € per night for a single room inclusive of breakfast.

The Acardia Hotel Bielefeld has to be booked until 19.07.2019.


B&B Hotel Bielefeld

The B&B Hotel Bielefeld is located at the Boulevard Bielefeld next to the main train station. It takes approximately two minutes by foot to get to the main station and four minutes by foot to the city railway from where the city train number 4 can be taken to get to the conference location. The price for a double room is 63 € per night and 53 € per night for a single room (exclusive of breakfast).

The B&B Hotel has to be booked until 19.07.2019.


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