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Institute for Technological Innovation,
Market Development and Entrepreneurship

Research Fields

In the context of economic implications of smart products and smart systems, iTIME members deal with the following, partly overlapping, research topics (this list not being exhaustive):

Focus on consumers:

  • Adoption barriers
  • Willingness to pay
  • Recommendation behavior
  • Trust formation
  • Usage diffusion

Focus on companies:

  • New business models
  • Continuous updates of smart systems
  • Persisting customer relationship
  • Roles of intermediaries (people, companies or platforms)
  • Firm-internal effects with respect to, for instance, supply chain management, research & development, recruitment of (e.g., software) specialists, changes of organizational structures
  • Outsourcing of the novel business activities to spin-offs or cooperation with start-ups

Focus on markets and industries:

  • Transformation of existing markets as well as creation of new markets
  • Network effects and emergence of (dominant) eco-systems
  • Coordination between competitors or producers from different industries
  • Impact of competition policy and governmental regulation

Focus on data:

  • Data collection and management
  • User profiling
  • Personalization
  • Combining data in order to increase reactivity
  • Education and training of data science experts