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BiGSEM Agent-based Modeling and Simulation


In this course, doctoral students will familiarize with agent-based modelling and simulation in management science with a special focus on Innovation and Technology Management. They will acquire basic knowledge and discuss selected topics about agent-based modelling, which includes asepcts like validation or available simulation software. Then, they will apply these newly acquired skills in order to develop their own agent-based model and perform their own simulation experiments on a research topic of their choice. In order to enhance their competence to develop and critically assess agent-based simulation research, students will additionally read and review published articles on agent-based modelling to address a current research question.

Prerequisites for Attending



  • BIGSEM Students (Economics, Finance, and Management profiles)
  • Other doctoral students of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at Bielefeld University interested in agent-based modeling and simulation research.

Class Material

All class material will be provided via the LernraumPlus of this course.