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Forschungsprojekte zur Region (on-going)

Global Brands in Local Markets: Harnessing User Generated Content across Borders.

The importance of understanding consumer brand preferences is widely confirmed in marketing research and practice. We propose that promising data sources that can be used for the measurement task at hand are online forums, particularly in the form of online stores with feedback options. In this project we develop a simple methodology for determining the effects attributes have on the products’ overall evaluation in view of future product improvement or new product development. The basic idea behind our approach is that each product review (consumer opinion) can be represented by a combination of positively (the “pros”) and negatively (the “cons”) valued characteristics, completed by an overall evaluation of the product.

For the empirical analysis we collect a large set of online product reviews posted in four western countries (US, UK, Germany and France) and in three different languages to investigate similarities and differences in the opinion patterns resulting from cross-brand and cross-border comparisons. Special emphasize is put on the relationships between the strength and direction of the effect the brand name has on the product rating or the willingness-to-recommend the product and the country the review originates from. The study aims to discover the existence of general patterns, that can be helpful when developing global product strategies, and of country- or brand-specific patterns requiring case-specific approaches to new product development.

MSI Research Grant "Communication and Branding in a Digital Era"