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Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP) - Interim analysis of your teaching course in the middle of the semester   

TAP is a service provided by the Lehren & Lernen centre for teaching and learning. It offers a simple but nonetheless effective method for gaining feedback from students during the course of a semester.
In the WiSe 2013/14 the TAPs take place from 18.11. -06.12.

How TAP works::

Step 1: Please use this Formular [formula] to let us know that you are interested in a TAP.  You can register for Winter Semester 2013/14 from 21.-25.10.

Step 2: A member of the Lehren & Lernen team who has been specially trained in using the method will get in touch with you to fix a date for attending your course sometime from18.11. - 06.12.

Step 3: On this day, please end your course 30 minutes earlier than usual, introduce the member of the Lehren & Lernen team, and leave the room.

Step 4: The students form small groups and answer the following questions:

  • What aspect of this course is teaching them the most?
  • What is making it difficult for them to learn?
  • What suggestions do they have regarding how to overcome the difficult aspects?

Step 5: The groups write up their findings on the blackboard or the flip chart. Then the team member goes through the points with each group and notes down which points are agreed upon by a majority.

Step 6: The team member documents the points and arranges a 30-minute meeting with you as soon as possible to inform you about the student feedback

Step 7: During this discussion, you decide how you want to deal with this student feedback and work out options for how to proceed. This discussion is confidential.

Step 8: The next time you teach your students, you discuss their feedback, respond to their needs, and work out what needs to be changed together with them.

Why TAP? 

The method is more effective than the usual evaluation questionnaires handed out at the end of a course:

  • Students experience themselves as being responsible actors who are helping to shape the course: they are being asked what they think. Our experiences at Bielefeld University have shown that students appreciate being able to participate in an interim evaluation and offer constructive suggestions.
  • Students can exchange ideas among themselves. This gives substance to their feedback: the idea is to look at their own learning and not to describe their subjective feelings.
  • Because students give their feedback in the middle of the semester, proposed changes can be introduced immediately.

The sole purpose of the TAP is feedback. By becoming the students’ spokesperson, the member of the Lehren & Lernen team makes it possible for them to express themselves freely. The results of feedback are strictly confidential. No documentation is retained after the discussion.

Do you want to find out more about TAP? Then read our article Zwischenauswertung im Semester: Lehrveranstaltungen gemeinsam verändern [Interim evaluations during the semester: Working together to improve teaching courses]

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