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Sahil Guliyev, PhD

Title of the Research Project

Pasture management, monitoring and assessment of soil quality in Ganja –Gazakh region

Main Goals of the Research Project:

  • Pasture monitoring
  • Assessing soil properties under heavy grazing
  • Analyzing the relationship existing between anthropogenic and natural factors and soil quality
  • Improve pasture management methods

Short Description of the Research Project

The proposed study aims at assessing the soil properties under heavy grazing on the common village pasture. The research project expects on pasture monitoring and the relationship between (anthropogenic and natural) factors and soil quality. The research approach presented here focuses on developing methods for monitoring the soil and land management in Ganja-Gazakh region in Azerbaijan. From the approach of pasture monitoring and the comparison with previous assessments the research project expects a better understanding of the development of the ecological condition, particularly related to soil problems of common village pasture in Azerbaijan. The study will contribute to the knowledge on stocking capacity, ecological condition of the soil and the potential for improved management methods on the case study village pastures.


Plant Protection

Home University/Academy:

Azerbaijan State Agricultural University, Ganja, Azerbaijan

German Postdoc-Tandem-Partner:

Dr. Neudert, University of Greifswald, Germany

German Host:

Prof. Dr. Michael Manthey, University of Greifswald, Germany

Managed by:

Bielefeld University