• CaC

Aijan Sharshenova, PhD

Title of the Research Project:

Russia’s Soft Power in the Kyrgyz Republic: A Study of Russian Influence in Central Asia

Main Goals of the Research Project:

  • Analyze the current state of the Kyrgyz–Russian relations in the context of the two countries’ shared past and present interdependence
  • Identify and explore the various ways in which Russia has influenced and continues to (intentionally and unintentionally) influence the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Explore and compare Russia’s public diplomacy in the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Examine how the Kyrgyz Republic could benefit from Russia’s soft-power policies in Central Asia
  • Engage in an unbiased scholarly discussion on the historical and contemporary roles of Russia in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Short Description of the Research Project

This research project aims to explore and analyze Russia’s multifaceted roles and influence in the Kyrgyz Republic. Globally, Russia has become a soft superpower. Regionally, Russia remains a leading actor and influencer in Central Asia. Russia’s influence in the Kyrgyz Republic is complex, strong and deeply rooted in the two countries’ shared past.

I explore Russia’s intentional and unintentional influence on the Kyrgyz Republic and analyze its leverage and linkages. In doing so, I engage in an unbiased discussion in which Russia is neither a villain nor a hero, but rather an important and unique actor whose historical and current roles can be researched through the case of the Kyrgyz Republic.

When completed, this research project will result in a number of research articles and policy papers that cover various aspects of the Kyrgyz–Russian relations and provide comparative perspectives on Russia’s use of soft power and, specifically, public diplomacy.



Home University/Academy:

OSCE Academy in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

German Postdoc-Tandem-Partner:

Dr. Chiara Pierobon, Bielefeld University, Germany

German Host:

Prof. Dr. Andreas Vasilache, Bielefeld University, Germany

Managed by:

Bielefeld University