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  • Religion and conflict


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Religion and conflict

Picture from “The Standard” (Austria)

In many so-called "new wars" - Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lebanon, Palestine, etc. - religious actors are involved in both escalating and de-escalating ways. As a sociological topic, the relationship between religion and conflict is therefore multidimensional, and with Harpviken and Røislien (2005), four perspectives of analysis can be identified: First, the study of religion as a cause or catalyst of armed violence; second, the impact of a bellicose milieu on religious praxis; third, religious actors engaged in conflict prevention and peace building; fourth, peace building during or after religious conflicts. In our research we try to do justice to this multiperspectivity and to grasp the connection between religion and conflict under the conditions of multiple social differentiation. We focus on (post-) conflict areas and violent milieus in Central America and Southeastern Europe.

Sociological analyses of religion also inform our reflections on peace ethics. Ethics


Selected Publications:

Further literature can be found under "Publications Schäfer and Team"

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