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 John-G.-Diefenbaker-Preis for Prof. Martin Carrier
New Study Course:  HEPS
 Values & Theories:  A workshop on the occasion of Martin Carrier's 60th birthday. 12 October 2015, ZiF.
I²SoS has been established by the Faculty of History and Philosophy and Theology on July 3, 2013


Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies of Science (I²SoS)

I²SoS is the basis for a network of researchers studying the natural, technical and social sciences in the modern world, with a common focus on the impact of modern societies on the scientific enterprise. I²SoS researchers come from history, philosophy, economics, psycholinguistics, sociology, and related disciplines. Our research program focuses on the shaping of the sciences by politics and economics. How does the epistemological value system of the sciences react to the pressure exerted by social needs and economic constraints? Thus, our joint outlook is a social epistemology of science. We develop methodologies for measuring the communication system of science, and we strive to foster the dialogue between the sciences and the humanities, inside and outside our university.

I²SoS is located at the Department of History, Philosophy, and Theology of the University of Bielefeld. Our activities include a weekly colloquium, study groups, and workshops. I²SoS is connected to the international journal Minerva, edited by Peter Weingart. At the heart of our educational activities is the Master program "History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science" (HPSS) and the new Master program "History, Economics and Philosophy of Science" (HEPS). Currently, the following research groups are connected to I²SoS:

Associated members of I²SoS are Wolfgang Krohn, Sybilla Nikolow, Frank Riedel, Marc Weingart und Peter Weingart.

Contact: Prof. Martin Carrier