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WG Occupational practice studies

The occupational practice course (LABG diction: Berufsfeldpraktikum) represents one of several practice elements according to the Teacher Training Act (LABG) 2009 as amended in 2016. At Bielefeld University, the occupational practice course is embedded in an overall concept of theory-in-practice studies, which are characterized by a pronounced theory-practice link. As components of Modules, they relate scientific knowledge to 'practice' in the field of action at school or in extracurricular fields of action and impart competencies for their scientific investigation and reflection.

The BPSt is part of the educational sciences program. However, the theory-in-practice course as a module element is usually organized, carried out and accompanied by the respective core subject, subject or major subject.

According to the Teacher Training Act (LABG) 2009, as amended in 2016, the BPSt is usually to be conducted outside of school. A school-based location is only exceptionally possible in specific projects.

A multidisciplinary Working Group (AG BPSt) under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Martin Heinrich and Prof. Dr. Matthias Wilde has developed the Bielefeld framework concept for the occupational practice studies has been adapted and further developed accordingly.

This is available next to the module descriptions (Module 25-BiWi-BPSt and Module 25-BiWi-BPSt-ISP) is the basis for the subject-specific implementations.

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