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  • Allgemein- und Familienmedizin

    Anatomical model of a bronchial vein.
    Anatomical model of a bronchial vein.
    Bielefeld University

Teaching - Dept. of General Practice and Family Medicine

The Bielefeld University program in Human Medicine has a special feature “Specialising in outpatient care and general practice”. Our general practice courses start as early as the beginning of the first semester. The courses are represented in every module until the end of the program and include lectures, seminars, problem-based learning (POL), “block practice”, longitudinal follow-up of patients (LongPat), clinical internship built in the programme curriculum, and one year of residency. In addition to general medical teaching content, we are also involved in teaching the longitudinal module WDH („Wissenschaftliches Denken und Handeln“, or "Scientific Thinking and Action").

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Many physicians in OWL and neighbouring regions belong to our teaching network and are involved in teaching at the University. Their practices also provide block internships, clinical internships, etc. to our medical students. Information about the teaching practice network can be found here [link]

All information and teaching materials for students can be found online using the LernraumPlus or Moodle platforms. The digital tool "Longitudinal Reflection in General Practice" (LoReA) is provided on the University website for a cross-semester reflection on the different phases of general practice courses.

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