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  • Sociology of Religion and Systematic Theology

    Sociology of Religion and Systematic Theology

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  • Theory of Religion

    We are working on a theory of religious praxis based on Pierre Bourdieu's sociology.

  • The Americas

    The main regional focus of our studies is Latin America and the USA.

  • Systematic theology

    Systematic-theological questions are dealt with in interdisciplinary dialogue with our research areas, mainly the sociology of religion.

  • © Simon A. Eugster


    The analysis of social actors' dispositions in the context of their positioning in social structures is our central research area in the fields of theory and methodology.

  • Fundamentalism

    Different fundamentalisms and their political strategies are one of our oldest research areas.

  • Religion and conflict

    One focus of our research in the sociology of religion is the analysis of the role of religious actors during or after armed conflict.

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