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Research Projects

2. Sociology of Religion, Systematic Theology

HabitusAnalysis 3. Models and Methods. Authoring of the methods volume on habitus analysis. Monograph. Researchers: HW Schäfer , L. Seibert. (Link to new page HabitusAnalysis).

Preliminary work for the development of a software for HabitusAnalysis. Researchers: HW Schäfer , L. Seibert , Adrian Granados, Alvaro Espinoza. (Link to new page HabitusAnalysis).

Functional Value Conflicts. On the orientation of norms under the condition of multiple social differentiation. Habilitation. Researcher: L. Seibert.

Baptizing the Leviathan. On religious politics in conflict with secularism in the Americas. Monograph. Researcher: HW Schäfer.

Basic Structures of Religious Praxis. An empirical-theoretical study of habitūs and practices of religious laity for the purpose of identifying basic dynamics of religious praxis. Empirical basis: data from 4 decades of empirical research in Latin America. Monograph. Researcher: HW Schäfer.

Christianity and Democracy in Latin America. Habilitation. A comparative study of Guatemala, Bolivia and Argentina. Habilitation. Researcher: T Reu.

Religious Peacemakers in Guatemala's Civil War. A habitus-analytic study of biographies of key religious actors in the peace process. Dissertation. Researcher: Tamara Candela.

The Reconfiguration of Sacred Spaces in Managua (1972-2020): Approaches from Bourdieu and Lefebvre. Dissertation in Cotutelle mit der Universität Groningen. Forscher: Alvaro Espinoza.

Imaginaries of social inequality in leftist political parties and movements. Postdoctoral project. Sebastian Schlerka and <>.

The Ethos of Religious Peacebuilders in Bosnia and Herzegovina (DFG) (Religion and Conflict) Researchers: (HW Schäfer, L. Seibert, Z Štimac)


Faith and social presence: identity politics of religious actors in Guatemala and Nicaragua. (DFG) (Religion in the Americas) Researchers: (HW Schäfer, Tovar, T Reu, L. Seibert.

[Old site:].

Fellowship at the Lichtenberg Kolleg, Göttingen. HabitusAnalysis: Epistemology and Language. (2011/12, DFG). Monograph. Researcher: (HW Schäfer).

Religious [Re]Sources of the Self: Popular Religion and Modern Identity in Metropolitan Mexico. On religious individuation under precarious economic conditions. Field research in cooperation with Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, UNAM, Prof. Dr. Hugo José Suárez, 2011. researcher: (A Tovar).
[Old site ].

Clash of Fundamentalisms. Fundamentalism in the U.S. and Islamic Contexts and the Position of European Modernity. 2008. Monograph. (fundamentalism) Researcher: HW Schäfer.

The Protestant "Sects".... Religio-political entanglement history between the United States and Latin America. 2020. Monograph. (Religion in the Americas) Researcher: (HW Schäfer).

Religious credibility under fire. Determinants of religious legitimacy in postwar Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dissertation, summa cum laude, 2013. (L. Seibert).

Inappropriate Spirits - Religious Tastes and Styles among Middle Class Pentecostals in Argentina. Dissertation in Kooperation mit CEIL-PIETTE, Buenos Aires, und Cotutelle mit EHESS, Paris, 2016; summa cum laude. Forscher: Jens Köhrsen.

Säkularisierung als Kampf. Secularization as Struggle. Outline of a field-theoretical approach to secularization phenomena. Master's thesis and monograph, 2016. <Link PEVZ>. Researcher: Sebastian Schlerka and

On the Construction of the Categories "Islam/Muslims" in Debates of the German Bundestag. A habitus-analytical investigation of discursive strategies. Dissertation, summa cum laude. Researcher: Sebastian Schlerka and

¿Y qué podemos hacer? Habitus and intersections between the religious field and politics in the face of violence in Morelos. In cooperation with the National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM. Dissertation, summa cum laude, 2019. Forscherin: Cecilia Delgado Molina.

Sujeto, Teología y el k'epiri. On the Discursive Construction of Subjectivity in Latin American Liberation Theology and Philosophy and in Suburban Marginal Literature in Bolivia. Dissertation, 2016. Researcher: Jacobo Tancara Chambe (

Pentecostal missionaries from the South to the North: migrants or expatriates? A praxeological study of habitus and practices of Pentecostal migrants from Guatemala in the United States. Dissertation, 2018. Researcher: Z Štimac, Clara Buitrago.

Pentecostalism in Latin America and worldwide. Collaboration on the Bertelsmann Religion Monitor 2007. Researcher: HW Schäfer.


E Pluribus Unum? Ethnic Identities in Transnational Integration Processes in the Americas. Fellowships in the research group of the same name at ZiF (2008/9). Researchers: HW Schäfer, Tovar.

Pneumatology from a Korean perspective. Dissertation, 2012. Researcher: Man Joon Kim.

3. social and local historical interpretation, biblical theology

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