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School theory-in-practice courses abroad

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Important information for your stay abroad

During a study-related stay abroad, you are responsible for your own insurance coverage and compliance with entry regulations. Please make sure that you have sufficient accident, liability and health insurance and inform yourself about the entry and visa regulations of your destination country. Accident, liability and health insurance is not provided by Bielefeld University.

New DAAD [German Academic Exchange Service] scholarship program

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers two new scholarship programs with Lehramt.International, which help student teachers as well as graduates of
teacher training programs to experience school and teaching in another country. More info...

There are various possibilities to find an internship at a school abroad. On this page you will find information about possible internship schools and contact persons.

General information about time periods, internship formats and financing possibilities can be found under Overview for theory-in-practice courses abroad.

There are personal contacts to the schools mentioned below through staff members of the BiSEd office or Bielefeld University.

Below you will also find information about other internship programs and information exchanges, such as those of the DAAD [German Academic Exchange Service] or the Goethe-Institut.

Note: Although we strive for good contacts to the internship institutions mentioned below, please note that the application for the internship and the implementation are your own responsibility.

Location: Buenos Aires

School type: German language diploma school (nursery, primary, secondary I and II)

Further information:
- Private all-day school
- Follows the national education system
- German language diploma can be taken
- Includes nursery (12 months-5 years),
primary (1st-6th grade) and secondary I and II (7th-12th grade)
- Many other extracurricular activities, e. g.e.g. nature conservation project

Field report:
"Cultural peculiarities or differences show up in a different form and expression in the institution of school and gave me an insight into the situation of being a foreigner in learning situations. Also, getting to know German teaching abroad helped me a lot for my future and showed me an alternative for my current Subject. Thus, in conclusion, I can say that the occupational practice studies [...] was an enriching experience for me." (Stella, Residence 2019)


Place: Kolding

School type: Folkeskole

Further information: The school covers pupils in grades 0 (approx. 6 years) to 9 (approx. 16 years). The school employs about 60 teachers and teaches about 1050 pupils. This makes the school the largest in Kolding, Denmark's seventh largest city with approximately 60,000 pupils. Subjects taught at lower secondary level are: Danish, Mathematics, English as a second language, German as a second language, Religion, Physics/Chemistry, Biology, Physical Education, History, Economics. Subjects in which an internship is offered are German as a second language and possibly English.


Within the framework of the Erasmus cooperation with the University College South Denmark, internships can be arranged. Schools of the German minority as well as regular Danish-speaking elementary schools are available.

The theory-in-practice course can also be combined with Erasmus studies.

Location: Esbjerg & Haderslev region (southern Denmark)

School type: folkeskole or German schools abroad

Further information: German-speaking or Danish-speaking schools.


Place: Horsens

School type: High school

Further information: Mainly help in German classes, but also in other subjects (e.g. English, Spanish, French or Physical Education).


Location: Canterbury

School type: Grammar School

Further information: The internship gives students the chance to improve their English, get first-hand experience of the British school system, and gain experience teaching German as a second language. Students will be assigned various tasks according to their language skills, personality and interests: these can range from assisting teachers in the classroom, taking oral exams, teaching small groups to teaching classes independently. Students are assisted in finding housing in Canterbury (with a family if desired).


Place: Crewe

School type: Primary School

Further information:
- State school with national education system
- German lessons in all grades
- School includes:
Nursery (three hours a day each);
Keystage 1: Reception (preschool) grades 1 and 2;
Keystage 2: grades 3-6.
- approximately 500 pupils
- approximately 50 teachers and staff


Place: Reading

School type: Secondary School

Further information:
- Boys' school
- Approx. 1000 pupils aged 12 to 20
- Year 6 to 13
- School organized by department
- Full-day care
- Partial boarding
- One of the oldest schools in England


Place: Barnet

School type: Secondary School

Further information: Boys' School


Location: Dublin

School type: Primary School

Further information:
- Catholic school
- 8 grades: junior infants and senior infants (nursery and
preschool) and 1st-6th grade
- approx. 200 pupils between 4 and 13 years
- 17-member teaching staff
- duties: mainly helping in the classroom

"I am also happy to have completed my internship abroad. Here I was able to gain insights into a new school system and at the same time improve my English skills. I gained new cultural insights which enhanced my intercultural competence development. I will strive to stick to this process development and constantly expand my competencies in this regard." (Lea, Residence 2019)

"In summary, I can say that the internship has brought me a lot. I was able to expand and develop not only my personality, but also my teaching and also my intercultural skills. Abroad, you have the opportunity to grow beyond yourself and gain valuable experience. Experiences that you can't have in your own country." (Theresa, 2019 stay)


Location: Dublin

School type: Primary School

Further information:
- Catholic school
- 8 years: junior infants and senior infants (nursery and
preschool) and 1st-6th grade
- approx. 200 pupils
- 8 class teachers and 3 special needs teachers
- Participates in the Green School Project
- Many extracurricular cooperation partners
- Tasks: Assisting in class, team teaching
- Finding accommodation: School helps to find a host family if necessary.

Field report:
"To sum up the BPSt abroad in general, I think it is a great opportunity to spend some time abroad and get some teaching practice at the same time. It helps to reflect other school systems as well as your own, you learn how to be more independent, you get a lot of teaching experience, you get new or different ideas for planning a lesson, it helps to improve your language skills and you meet new people. It is a great experience and I can only recommend doing it." (Isabelle, stay 2020)


Location: Reykjavík

School type: Secondary School

Further information:
- Course system and block teaching
- Tasks: mainly support in DaF lessons
(levels A1/A2), sitting in on courses, taking over small
lessons, individual support for pupils at
, internal differentiation, conversation exercises, evalutation.


Location: Kampong Chhnang

School type: primary school, secondary school I and II, university

Further information:
- Field of work can be chosen freely: English teaching in all
school types, teacher training, agricultural projects,
develop own projects
- accommodation in student residence, host family or hostel
- practical phase can also be completed in pairs


Place: Pula

Schooltype: School for tourism, hospitality and trade
(secondary level II (grades 9-12))

Further information:
- German partner school supervised by the Goethe-Institut
- Field of application in DaF lessons (German as a 1st and 2nd
foreign language) and / or project work as part of the worldwide
initiative "Schools: Partners for the Future"
- Suitable for pupils of all school types
- Application possible alone or in pairs
- Practical phase can also be completed in pairs

Field report:
"The whole Pasch team [...] welcomed us with open arms and integrated us into the daily teaching routine. We actively participated in the design and implementation of lessons and were actively supported. We had a lot of tasks and were never bored. We were able to take a lot back to Germany, especially in terms of lesson planning." (Yasmin and Lena, stay 2018)


Place: Mexikali

School type: primary, lower and upper secondary, university

Further information: The school accepts pupils from January to May and August to December.

Field report: "I have been given many opportunities on the part of the school to get involved and learn about the different levels of education. Dare to speak Spanish with the Mexican School Pupils because they are especially excited to interact with an international teacher." (Anna, 2021/22 residency)


Location: Puebla

School type: German school abroad (primary, secondary I and II)

Further information:
- Language of instruction German and Spanish
- Particularly suitable for students of primary and
secondary education and special education
- Tasks: Individual tutoring, group tutoring
- Internship officers help with finding accommodation if necessary

Field report:
"In summary, the internship contributed to my job-related professionalization, my personal development and my intercultural competence development with its versatile experiences." (Anonymous)


Location: Auckland

School type: Intermediate School (year 7 and 8)

Further information:
- 11- to 13-year-old pupils
- approx. 1200 pupils
- approx. 60 teachers and other staff
- school is geared towards digital learning
- follows the inviational learning approach
- tasks: Help in class, accompany pupils on excursions or
class trips
- School helps with finding accommodation if necessary.

"The school system is very different from the German school system and you can gain a lot of interesting experience and new ideas for your own teaching. Especially because the school puts a lot of emphasis on independence." (Anne, Stay 2019)

"The internship at the [...] [school] was incredibly educational and very interesting. In six weeks, it was possible for me to get the most diverse insights in different areas. I learned a surprising amount about myself as a prospective teacher as well as about the teaching profession and took away a lot of impressions." (Alicia, 2019 stay)

"During my time in New Zealand, I was able to learn a lot for the future and the teaching profession and expand my skills in many areas. Because the school has such a diverse range of offerings for the pupils and the structure of the lessons differs from what I am used to in Germany, I had the unique opportunity to greatly expand my horizons and take away many experiences. It is great how the school deals with pupils both nationally and internationally and what opportunities are offered. [...] I will definitely remember the time well and can say at this point that it was one of the best decisions in my studies to do an internship abroad." (Vicky, 2016 stay)


Location: Arequipa

School type: German school abroad (primary, secondary I and II)

Further information:
- Languages of instruction German and Spanish
- Includes nursery, primary, intermediate, Upper School and
international Abitur (International Baccalaureate IB)
- Building immersion in nursery
- German as a second language (DaF) from nursery
- German language teaching (DFU) Music and Religion
Grades 1+2
- DFU Art from grade 5
- DFU Biology and History from grade 9
- German as a Mother Tongue (DaM) groups as needed
- More than 1500 pupils
- School helps with housing (host family or affordable
shared apartment options)

"[I liked the] internship institution very much, because I was allowed to work a lot self-determined and free. Especially the DaF lessons as well as the DaM lessons in the second grade have advanced me a lot on a professional level." (Luzia, Stay 2020)

"The internship has really advanced me. In addition to great people I was able to meet, I was able to gain a lot of experience for my future professional life. I feel strengthened in my desire to become a teacher and I am just happy to have had the experience of standing in front of a class. Through the long time of the internship, I also had the opportunity to get to know the students in such a way that one could respond to them individually and understand the methodological decisions of the teacher with one or the other class. I found it particularly interesting to test my own effect on the students and to see what influence the different methods can have on the reaction of the students. In conclusion, I can state that I am taking away many experiences and am now looking forward to discovering even more of the culture and people of this exciting continent of South America through my onward journey." (Hannah, Stay 2017)


Place: Bratislava

School type: German school abroad (nursery, primary, secondary I and II)

Further information:
- Follows the curriculum of Baden-Württemberg
- German-Slovak encounter school
- All-day school
- Private school
- Opened since 2005

Field report:
"I am glad that I decided to do an internship abroad and I would like to thank everyone who made this special experience possible for me. I am glad that I ended up in such an unexpectedly beautiful city, which I have definitely not visited for the last time. Through my stay in Slovakia, my interest in further study or work-related stays abroad has increased and I am already thinking about the framework in which I could realize this." (Anna-Lena, stay 2017)


" German Schools Abroad" (DAAD): The DAAD offers German student teachers the opportunity to receive funding for an internship at a German school. On a page of the Federal Office of Administration you will find a listing of all German schools abroad to which you can apply.

Pupils: Partners for the Future (PASCH): The initiative "Schools: Partners for the Future" (PASCH) networks schools worldwide where German is highly valued and where you can complete an internship: These include schools supervised by the Goethe-Institut and German schools abroad. Field reports and school profiles can be found on the PASCH site. Depending on the internship location, you can apply directly to the DAAD [German Academic Exchange Service] or the International Office for a scholarship.

Schulwärts!: The Goethe-Institut offers within the program "Schulwärts! the Goethe-Institut offers scholarships for school internships at partner schools of the Goethe-Instituts in Bulgaria, China, Poland, Romania, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine and Vietnam. The internships (2-4 months) are sponsored by scholarships. Further information about the program and the application can be found on the Goethe Institute website.

Foreign Language Assistantship (PAD): The Pedagogical Exchange Service places students and graduates who would like to go to foreign educational institutions as foreign language assistants. As a foreign language assistant, you will receive a monthly maintenance allowance through the host country.

Diversity and Integration in the Classroom: The Fulbright Commission offers an annual professional development program for student teachers, preferably from immigrant backgrounds, to gain insight into U.S. school and education policy. The seminar is linked to a scholarship.

Amity Institute: The Amity Institute offers five to ten-month school internships in American schools. Accommodation is usually with host families and is free of charge.

Weltwärts: Weltwärts is a volunteer service sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. Projects in the field of education, health, environment, agriculture or human rights in countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Oceania can be carried out for 6-24 months and are financially supported. Information about the process and application can be found here. To promote German language and culture in French schools, the German-French Youth Office (DFJW), the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), together with the Federation of German-French Houses in France and with the support of the Goethe Institute and Mercedes-Benz France, award scholarships for the program in France.

Erasmus Intern: On the internship platform Erasmus Intern, organizations advertise free internship positions.

rausvonzuhaus: Here you can find general information about internships abroad.

DaF Internships: Internships in the field of German as a second language can be found on this page.

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