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Master Theses in Profile Economics

Modul 31-M-MMW

Submission deadline: March 1st, 2024
(Application via online registration)

Please note that this procedure applies only to master theses written at the IMW.


Writing a Master thesis at the IMW within Modul 31-M-MMW requires deeper knowledge in Microeconomics.

The following moduls are assumed to be passed when submitting the online registration-form:

  • Microeconomics 1 (31-M-Micro1)
  • Microeconomics 2 (31-M-Micro2)

Furthermore, it is advantageous to have attended the "Microeconomics 3" course.

It is obligatory to attend the Masterseminar. The seminar is scheduled over a time horizon of two semesters. Therefore, it is recommended to attend the seminar in the third and fourth semester of the standard period of study. Within this seminar, you need to present the basic literature in 45 minutes and specify the topic of your Master Thesis and your personal contribution. The current status of the results will be presented at a later time in the seminar. The Master thesis (3 copies) has to be submitted 6 months after the issue date of the thesis at the latest in UHG V3-103/105.


Do you plan to submit your Master thesis at the end of the winter term WiSe 2024/2025 [or SoSe 2025]? Then, you have to fill out the online registration form until or 01.03.2024 [or 01.09.2024]. In order to check the requirements, the transcript needs to be submitted there. In case you have other prefered subjects, you can mention them there as well, proposing a potential supervisor.

The assignment will be performed until 01.04.2024 [or 01.10.2024]. Afterwards you receive a list over all possible topic areas for your Master thesis. In consideration of your priorities, the topic areas and their corresponding supervisors will be assigned to you.

Further information are provided within the Masterseminar.

Topic Areas & Supervisors

Within the Module 31-M-MMW you write a Master Thesis in economics. Possible supervisors at the IMW are

Following the links, you can get an impression on the research areas and thus on potential topic areas of your Master Thesis. 

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