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Theory-in-practice courses in the teacher training program

Praxisstudien während des Studiums

Teacher training according to the Teacher Training Act (LABG) 2009, as amended in 2016, includes three mandatory theory-in-practice courses.

The aim of the theory-in-practice courses is for students to gain theory-guided insights into the complexity of the school system and the fields of activity of teachers, while reflecting on their personal competence development. Under the guiding principle of research-based learning, a basic attitude of research is to be initiated and connections between the study content and school practice are to be established.

In addition to the examination of the requirements of the teaching profession, which usually takes place outside of school as part of the occupational practice course, the reflection on the choice of profession and the change of perspective from the role of pupils to the role of teachers are further focal points of the practical studies. Therefore, in addition to the practical phase, theory-in-practice courses consist of preparatory, accompanying and/or follow-up courses.

The experiences from the theory-in-practice courses are documented by the students in the "Bielefeld theory-in-practice course". and reflect on them. The focus is on the reflection of the professional biographical development process and the systematic development of professional competencies. Ideally, the portfolio is continued beyond the studies in the preparatory service and later professional life.

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