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Professor Lars Diening

Postal address Universität Bielefeld
Fakultät für Mathematik
Postfach 10 01 31
D-33615 Bielefeld
Office V5-138
Phone +49 (0)521 106-67588
+49 (0)521 106-6867 (secretary)
Office hours by appointment
Short CV
2017 - Full professor at Bielefeld University
2015 - 2017 Full professor at Osnabrück University
2010 - 2015 W2 Professor at LMU Munich
2010 Extraordinary professor at Freiburg University
2007 Habilitation thesis at Freiburg University
2002 Doctoral thesis at Freiburg University
1998 - 1999 Start of PhD at Bonn University
1997 - 1998 Assistant teacher at Michigan State University (USA)
1997 Diploma in Mathematics at Münster University
1997 Two-year-exam in Physics at Münster University

My major field of research is the study of non-linear partial differential equations. This involves several aspects from mathematics:

Numerical Analysis: The goal is to develop and analyse algorithms for solving the non-linear PDEs. A strong focus is on adaptive methods with optimal complexity. A new focus is on the regularity of the finite element solutions.

Regularity and Existence Theory: Study of Non-Newtonian fluids and equations with similar structure like the p-Laplacian. The exact quantification of regularity in terms of the forcing terms (Nonlinear Calderon-Zygmund Theory) is one of the main questions.

Function Spaces: In the context of electrorheological fluids it is necessary to study space with variable integrability and differentiability. This topic was many years my main focus. Moreover, I also study function spaces of bounded variation.

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