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Personal Website

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Personal Website


To create personal webpages accessible under the address,

the web pages to be published should be placed in a directory

where $USER is your login name. If this directory does not yet exist, you can create it yourself. In order to make the web pages visible, you must grant read and execute permissions to the web server:

mkdir /vol/www/user/$USER
chmod o+rx /vol/www/user/$USER

After you have added new files or directories, you must grant the required permissions also on those. The easiest is to do this recursively:

chmod -R o+rX /vol/www/user/$USER

Note that the directory /vol/www/user/$USER/ appears only when you access it. If you create a symbolic link,

ln -s /vol/www/user/$USER/ ~/www
you can open it with the file browser (or enter it with cd ~/www). If your website isn't visible yet, it could be that it hasn't been released yet in the web server. This update happens every day automatically, so in the worst case you have to wait 24 hours before you can actually use your website.

PEVZ Entry

If you have, as an employee, an entry in the PEVZ directory, you can set a link to your web page there, so that it can actually be found.


We do not support FTP, please use SFTP or rsync instead. SFTP should be supported by all current FTP clients. You have to connect to one of the servers

As graphical clients, FileZilla and, under Windows, WinSCP can be recommended.

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