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  • PhD Dissertations


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PhD Dissertations

Completed PhDs

Bentrup, Christina: Learning Processes and Juvenile Delinquency. A Longitudinal Analysis of Delinquent Behaviour from the Perspective of Social Learning Theory.

Daniel, Andreas: Delinquency and the Transition to Adulthood.

Erdmann, Anke: The Victim-Offender Overlap Exploring and Explaining the Association Between Victimization and Delinquency in Adolescence. (cumulative)

Kaiser, Florian: The impact of formal control on delinquency during adolescence. Do formal control interventions prevent, promote, or have no effect on delinquent development?

Kanz, Kristina-Maria: Media Consumption and Delinquency. Longitudinal Analyses about the Effects of Violent Media Consumption of Juveniles.

Kessler, Georg: Die late-bloomers der Dritten Lebensdekade - Bedeutung für kriminologische Theoriebildung und Methodologie.

Kunadt, Susann: Social Ecological Determinants of Juvenile Delinquency - The Effects of the Local Social Background on Adolescent’s Criminal Behaviour in Duisburg.

Mariotti, Luca: The Study of Substance Use in Longitudinal Research.

Pöge, Alina: Classification and Courses of Delinquent Behaviour. An Analysis of Juveniles Coming from Münster.

Pöge, Andreas: Social Milieus and Criminal Activity at Young Age. An Investigation of Value-orientation and Music Typologies in Münster and Duisburg.

Pollich, Daniela:  Hassles and Violence. A Sociological Analysis of Juvenile Serious Offenders Actions.

Schulte, Philipp: Sanctioning and Crime - The Effects of Formal Interventions on Crime.

Seddig, Daniel: Social Value Orientation, Bonds, the Acceptance of Norms and Juvenile Delinquency. A Sociocolgical-etiological Model to Explain Delinquent Behaviour During Adolescence.

Theimann, Maike: Delinquency and School Socialisation.

Verneuer, Lena: Violence as a Sanctioning Action.

Walburg, Christian: Migration and Juvenile Delinquency. An Analysis Based on a Socio-structural Model of Delinquency.

Wittenberg, Jochen: Shoplifting by Juveniles. Testing the Theory of Planned Behaviour.

Current PhDs

Bendler, Jasper: Bayesian statistical models with CrimoC data

Hasselbach, Franziska: Kontrollrisiko Migration. Hellfeldkontakte und Dunkelfelddelinquenz von Jugendlichen mit und ohne Migrationsgeschichte

Wittbrodt, Hannah: Geschlechtsunterschiede bei Delinquenzverläufen im Jugendalter

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