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In order to remain competitive in the long run, companies need to identify and exploit future potential for success at an early stage. To this end, they must anticipate developments in markets, technologies, and business environments. This particularly holds true in the field of intelligent technical systems. Still, however, many companies do not take advantage of proper forecasting tools. The reason why may be that they have not yet learned about the benefits that come with reliable, long-term forecasts taking into account issues such as customer requirements, performance features, potential of new technologies, and changes in the markets.

The aim of the sustainability measure „itsowl-Vorzug“ therefore is to develop a database and platform that companies can use for effective and efficient forecasting, enabling them to draw the necessary conclusions for future business, product, and technology strategies in the field of intelligent technical systems. This involves adapting existing forecasting methods – such as scenario analysis and corporate foresight – to the specific requirements of the cluster. This part is carried out by three of the project partners, namely, ScMI, UNITY, and the HNI at Universität Paderborn.

The fourth project partner, Bielefeld University, is concerned with setting up an (agent-based) market simulation that models future markets (with respect to the scenarios developed by the other partners) and, thus, allows for simulating (i.e., testing) the prospective success of alternative strategies for market introduction of intelligent technical systems and/or various designs. The applicability of the simulation tool will be demonstrated by two sample applications with real-world data.

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