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  • Statistical modelling

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Statistical modelling

Welcome to the website of the assistant professorship of statistical modelling!

J.-Prof. Dr. Timo Adam.
J.-Prof. Dr. Timo Adam (© S. Deilen).

Statistical modelling helps to generate knowledge from data and thus to find out, for example, how animals react to changing environments or how financial market players behave depending on economic conditions.

"Signals always come with noise: it is trying to separate out the two that makes the subject interesting."

D. Spiegelhalter, The Art of Statistics.

Data that are available today often have a complex nature (big data, high-resolution data, etc.), which, on the one hand, yields major challenges for any scientific discipline: as "the numbers cannot speak for themselves" (N. Silver, The Signal and the Noise), it becomes increasingly difficult to infer the mechanistic relationships that determine our world from these new types of data. However, on the other hand, it offers great opportunities for statistical modelling, which provides versatile tools to disentangle the signal from the noise and thus to exploit the potential of these new types of data.

The following pages introduce our team and provide an overview of our research and teaching activities. The latest news can be found here.

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