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About CUDE


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CUDE is a Research Training Group (RTG 2865) located at Bielefeld University and funded by the DFG. It consists of ten principal investigators and welcomes its forst cohort of doctoral researchers in October 2023. The core research idea splits in three Research Areas.

The RTG’s innovation is to explore a new subfield in economic theory that merges two features central to current and future economies: uncertainty and dynamics. We understand uncertainty in the sense of Frank Knight, in that decision makers struggle to assign reliable estimates of probabilities to future events. This Knightian uncertainty is widely believed to capture our world’s mega trends such as climate change, energy crisis, migration, pandemics, and technological development. Its analysis has been a central research topic in decision theory for the last two decades, and increasingly in microeconomic theory more generally, currently being explored at research centers around the world.


  • IMW

    The Center for Mathematical Research (German abbreviation: IMW) is a leading European research center for innovative, interdisciplinary research in the social sciences as far as they admit mathematical formalization.

  • BiGSEM

    The Bielefeld Graduate School of Economics and Management (BiGSEM) offers the structured, comprehensive doctoral programme Economics and Management with four possible profiles in Data Science, Economics, Finance and Management.

  • BGTS

    The BGTS is a joint institution of the Faculties of Business Administration and Economics, Mathematics and Physics and the Center for Mathematical Economics at Bielefeld University.

  • CeUS

    The Center for Uncertainty Studies (CeUS) is a knowledge platform for the development of inter- and transdisciplinary "Uncertainty Studies" at Bielefeld University.

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