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Legal notice & documents

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Declaration of confidentiality

Instruction on the Protection against Infection Act

Form for measles protection

Data protection regulations for study projects in the practical semester with preparatory training

Maternity Protection

Family Service of Bielefeld University

Circular on practical elements in the version of 12.02.2021

The following legal information must be observed when carrying out practical phases:

During the school-based practical phases, the applicable regulations of the respective internship school must be observed and the instructions of the supervisor and the assigned supervisors must be followed.

Interns are obligated to maintain confidentiality about the personal data they become aware of during their internship and to observe the provisions of data protection. This applies in particular to the obligation to anonymize all personal data in the internship documentation. On the first day of the internship, the certificate of instruction on the obligation to maintain confidentiality must be submitted to the school.

On January 1, 2001, the German Federal Law on Epidemics was replaced by the German Infection Protection Act (IfSG). The IfSG has as its guiding principle "prevention through information and education" and places a very strong overall emphasis on personal responsibility as well as participation and cooperation among those involved. Section 6 of the IfSG contains special regulations for schools and community facilities where pupils and supervisors are in close contact with each other on a daily basis. Close contact favors the transmission of pathogens that can cause severe courses of illness in at-risk groups (e.g., children). Further information on the diseases listed in Section 34, Paragraph 1 and Paragraph 3 IfSG, as well as on the special precautions to be taken in the event of the excretion of certain pathogens, can be found in the instruction pursuant to IfSG. The certificate of instruction in accordance with IfSG must be presented to the school on the first day of the internship.

Students who start a new internship on or after March 1, 2020 must provide one of the following three forms of proof prior to the start date of this internship at school and other community facilities in which underage children are predominantly supervised (§ 33 IfSG):

  • Proof of sufficient vaccination protection against measles, in particular by presenting a vaccination record/documentation (§ 20 Para. 9 Sentence 1 No. 1 IfSG). Sufficient vaccination protection against measles exists if at least one protective vaccination has been carried out on the person concerned from the age of one and at least two protective vaccinations against measles from the age of two (Section 20 (8) IfSG).
  • Proof of pre-existing immunity to measles (§20 Para. 9 Sentence 1 No. 2, Alternative 1 IfSG) by means of a medical certificate.
  • Proof of a contraindication to measles vaccination (§ 20 Para. 9 Sentence No. 2, Alternative 2 IfSG) by means of a medical certificate.

The vaccination certificate or the medical certificate must be presented to the school management/management of the community facility at the latest when the internship begins. Internship activities cannot take place without the submission of one of these certificates. Please use this form for submission.

During the internship there is legal accident protection according to § 2 SGB VII.

Under liability law, interns can be held personally responsible if they cause damage to third parties and the risk is not covered elsewhere. In this respect, it makes sense to take out private liability insurance. Whether the private liability insurance is sufficient should be clarified in advance with the insurance company in each individual case.

During the practical semester with preparatory training, the interns carry out study projects at the training schools. To this end, they apply various research methods. In the context of these research processes, data protection regulations must be observed when personal data is collected from School Pupils, guardians, teachers or other staff working at the school. More detailed information on data protection in the context of the study projects as well as sample templates for consent forms can be found here.

Since pregnant students and their unborn children are at particular risk from infectious diseases, an internship may only take place, despite consideration of the student's educational interests, if and to the extent that the internship activity is possible without concrete risk to the pregnant intern and her unborn child. For example, insufficient vaccination protection may lead to immediate termination of the internship. Please also consider the changes in the internship decree. The Family Service provides detailed information on maternity protection regulations.

Further information on the practice elements in NRW can be found in the circular issued by the Ministry of Schools and Further Education on June 28, 2012 (as amended on February 12, 2021).

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