Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Mathematics as Practice and Culture

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Mathematics

Date: May 27 - 29, 2010

Organizers: Christian Greiffenhagen (Manchester), Martina Merz (Luzern)

Since the 1970s a variety of historical, sociological and anthropological case studies have pointed to the social, cultural, practical, material, and political constituents of scientific knowledge. While most of the early studies focussed on the experimental sciences, more recent investigations have similarly addressed the mathematical or theoretical sciences such as pure mathematics, formal logic, theoretical physics. This workshop (co-financed by the Cogito Foundation) brought together researchers conducting empirical studies of mathematics from a variety of perspectives. The twelve presentations illustrated the different aspects of mathematical / theoretical practice that have been investigated and the ranges of methodologies to do so. The lively discussion evolved around the complementarity of approaches and focussed on cross-fertilization of the different concerns.


Andrea Blunck (Hamburg), Alexandre Borovik (Manchester), Daniel Breslau (Blacksburg, VA), Karine Chemla (Paris), Juliet Floyd (Göttingen), Norma B. Goethe (Göttingen), Ann Johnson (Columbia, SC), Herbert Kalthoff (Mainz), Benedikt Löwe (Amsterdam), Michael Lynch (Ithaca, NY), Donald MacKenzie (Edinburgh), Herbert Mehrtens (Braunschweig), Thomas Müller (Utrecht), Delio Mugnolo (Ulm), Claude Rosental (Paris), Wes Sharrock (Manchester), Leonidas Tsilipakos (Manchester), Hendrik Vollmer (Bielefeld), Yun Xie (Guangzhou)

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